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Christian Satellite TV.

You will be strengthen when you turn on your TV. An enriched life, blessed by the Holy Spirit. 100% of Instal-Life profits support missions work to both the difficult to reach and unreached communities in Australia and the World.

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What our clients say

We want Christian TV… through GOD TV we got connected to the WORLD!


GOD TV ministered to me SO much when I lost my husband… I believe everyone should have it, really, because it changed the atmosphere in our home!


I’ve had GOD TV for 4 years now & it has been my discipler, inspiration and my teacher… I’ve had physical healing by being in the atmosphere!



Keeping your Christian TV is easy with Instal-Life. With Australia’s largest and only national network of technicians we have got you covered.

On the new VAST platform, Christian TV Channels will be
side-by-side with the commercial channels!

This means together, we will reach an additional 1,000,000+ people instantly!

100% of profits fund missions work. The Missions Plan provides YOU with an affordable option to hire the necessary equipment, and gives you ongoing support and service – all while funding missions...

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Here’s why you’ll Love our services

Instal-Life is committed to missions work, the GREAT COMMISSION, throughout Australasia and beyond.
100% of profits generated through our Missions Plan go to providing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to those who may not otherwise come in contact with it.

We are committed to demonstrating Christian generosity across our region and beyond. This happens because of your commitment to Christian TV.

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People served by Instal-Life
Profits that go to missions
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Watch Christian TV via Satellite.

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Plenty to watch

Enjoy a wide variety of programming, with something for everyone. Watch the best, faith-filled content....

Receive Resources

ALL our new customers receive ‘YOUR RESOURCE PACK’. This FREE Bonus Pack is full of great offers...

Support Missions

You can know that every dollar that you give to Instal-Life, you are investing in the Kingdom. Together ...

The Best Equipment

The most advanced Set Top Box available in Australasia with US$150,000 invested into research...

Ongoing Support

Access to a dedicated Customer Service Team for technical & prayer support, including AUS & NZ ...

Peace of Mind

Instal-Life is GOD TV’s preferred installer & we’re endorsed by over 30 Ministries....

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