Technical Tips

Instal-Life have put together a series of videos to help you to set up and trouble shoot the Instal-Life Set Top Box. 

We hope to provide the best user experiance possible for our customers and partners.

Remember to plug in the TV antenna and Satellite Cable to the box for the best experiance. 

Please see below for details:

How to set up the 
Instal-Life VAST box VIDEOS:

Technician Instructions for the
 Instal-Life VAST box 

Our Instal-Life Technicians role will be to:

1.     On arrival greet the customer and ask for the package (VAST BOX & LNB)

          a. OPEN the new VAST box and get the NEW LNB

          b. Repoint or replace the dish/LNB (as required) to VAST on Optus D3/10 at 156.0°E. It is the same orbital slot as FOXTEL. 

NOTE: at this time the Christian Channels REQUIRE a 10700 LNB. If a customer has an older 11300 it will NOT work.

2. Plug in the terrestrial TV antenna, Satellite dish cable, NEW (provided) HDMI cable and power supply to the box. 

NOTE: The OLD HDMI cable for the old Instal-Life HD boxes is NOT compatible with the new VAST box. It is critical that you change it out with the one supplied. The one provided is HDCP 2.2 Certified for the new box.

IMPORTANT: Also please ensure that the VAST HDMI cable is located in the HDMI 1 PORT for optimal picture quality.

3. Then TURN ON. You’ll see the initialization process:

     i. “Skip” remote pair to only use IR mode. Recommend leaving the remote in IR mode for multiple STBs in one household, if one STB only, pairing remote and STB (called RF4CE mode) is also fine.

     ii. Set Resolution: 1080i (or 1080p) is best (if old TV 576i, the default is 720p) DO NOT select the 2160 resolution option (even if the TV is recommending it) as there are no terrestrial or VAST channels or content in 4K.

     iii. Set the correct time zone

     iv. Start channel search for Satellite Channels

     v. Terrestrial search for plugged in TV antenna

     vi. Internet – skip it. You now will see CH 800 The info channel “WHAT Channels are available on VAST?” on the TV screen.


a. Enter the SMARTCARD number in the Decoder Information section.

NOTE: Leave no spaces for smartcard field and we recommend to read the smartcard number from Menu.

b. Enter the PHONE NUMBERS fields with the correct number of digits (can be: 0000000000) Email field needs an @ sign (can be: x@x.com). POSTCODE: needs to be accurate, and select the correct suburb in the drop down!

c. Then technically every other field you can just put anything you like (E.g. random letters or numbers) to save time. (Can be: XXX etc.)

iv. Submit

v. You will see a black screen and it will come back

vi. Press OK key on remote to check the bouquet on the left of the TV screen, if registration(activation) is successful, STB will be showing a state based bouquet, e.g. Victoria. And all ABC/SBS and Instal Life channels should be viewable.

5. CUSTOMER HELPS - The terrestrial channels are in the 9000 range. The VAST channels are in the 0-1000 range. The customer can see the EPG (by pressing EPG button), PAUSE live TV (by pressing the pause button) and record content (using the record button). They can access recordings in the MENU under the REC section. If possible please show them how to do these basic functions. Thank you.
we love to serve & help everyone with christian tv.

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