Optus has assigned Instal-Life the role of a specialised reseller of religious content for the VAST (Viewer Access Satellite Television platform). Additionally, Instal-Life is the only ‘Christian organisation‘ in Australia to offer Satellite Broadcasting Services.

In our opinion, VAST considerably outperforms all other options in achieving our corperate mandate of the Great Commission. Overall, VAST is the best short - and long-term solution for your network. You can take the Gospel to an additional 1 million viewers tomorrow by joining the VAST platform today.

VAST currently reaches ONE MILLION viewers! This should be your free to air (FTA) satellite of choice, as it provides the greatest number of viewers of any FTA platform available. VAST is an Australian government funded satellite TV platform, so ALL Australians can have access to the local government and commercial TV channels. That’s why VAST is free for viewers. There are currently over 400,000 activated VAST smartcards in Australia, reaching ONE Million viewers! This number grows on average by approximately 500 new connections each week.

Learn how Your Network can
Reach Over 1,000,000 People
in Australia

This is your unique opportunity to be missional and reach a larger percentage of Australians with the Gospel. VAST viewers will be watching Christian TV right next to the government & commercial channels. Viewers who watch VAST are typically located in remote and “unreached” locations across Australia where there is no internet or terrestrial TV. Importantly, anyone in Australia can connect to VAST FTA and view all the government and community channels irrespective of their location. Only the commercial TV channels on VAST are encoded, locked and an approval is required based on location.

Instal-Life is the largest and only full time national Christian Satellite TV provider, with technicians located across Australia. Instal-Life has the most set top boxes in the community. Serving since 2005, Christian TV is more than an occupation, it is our calling. All of our clients have been advised to switch to VAST.

Instal-Life have invested well over USD150,000 to become the satellite broadcasting aggregator of Christian content in this region. We are offering you access to the most advanced ‘Harmonic’ broadcasting equipment that will give you the best flexibility, cost savings and support available. As a part of the investment, we have committed to the acquisition and development of 5,000 set top boxes for immediate use. Instal-Life’s box will allow viewers to connect their satellite TV cable, their terrestrial Freeview TV antenna, and their home internet for seamless viewing all on one set top box. This includes the pausing and/or recording of multiple channels simultaneously. As part of this offer, we will facilitate your IPTV streams on the box and any platform Instal-Life develops, at no additional charge. Our ongoing partnership with software developers and manufacturers will ensure long term availability and stability of our custom VAST boxes.

we love to serve & help everyone with christian tv.

You have access to more than 100 depots located all over Australia and New Zealand to ensure you will be helped.

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