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1. TECHNICIAN – to adjust your dish and set up your new box

We are offering to subsidise your technician cost. Please choose your preference (TICK ONE):

2. EQUIPMENT – you need to have a special custom box (and possibly a new dish and LNB)

Choose the Missions Plan that is right for you (TICK ONE):

* Insures = 100% FREE new-for-old replacement, including parts and technician costs for complete peace of mind.

* All amounts are GST inclusive. *** Mission Plan contributions are made four (4) weekly via your choice in step 3 below


My Payment Details: Direct debit statement may display: Instal-Life

  • * I understand that I will be insured with free service and replacement as selected above while hiring the VAST set top box.
  • * I agree to pay for my Missions Plan 4 weeks in advance immediately. My second contribution will occur 4 weeks after installation.
  • * I understand that I will pay for my technician immediately.
  • * I understand that 100% of the profits of my Missions Plan contributions towards hiring the satellite equipment goes to Missions Work.
  • * I will keep the original packaging to return the equipment if required. Thereafter, I agree to a minimum term of 36 months.
  • * Long distance travel fees are not included for technician installation, warranty, or service calls. I understand that Instal-Life will contact me if fees apply.
  • * I agree to the full terms and conditions in the PDF below.
  • * I understand and agree that my personal details be held securely, in the strictest of confidence.
  • * I understand an Instal-Life technician will call me to arrange a time to come to my home. I understand that every viewer of Christian Satellite TV requires their dish moved and Instal-Life’s BEST effort will be made to get a technician to my home ASAP.

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